Deadpool needs a second Twitter friend, if you’re interested

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Feb 13, 2018

If the upcoming Deadpool sequel is anywhere near as good as Deadpool’s Twitter game, then we’re in for a treat come May.

We’ve pretty much come to rely on Deadpool’s tweets for brightening the dark hours spent waiting for the sequel to drop. But while we’ve come accustomed to the super-antihero’s impressive comfort with the social medium, we forget that he’s been using Twitter all wrong, all along – or at least not utilizing the platform to its full potential.

See, most Twitter users will not only tweet out their own wise words and memes, they’ll also follow other Twitterers, so as to absorb the mass intelligence of those they're most interested in. But Deadpool only follows one account: Hello Kitty. And now he’s apparently come to his senses about needing more:

With such a request, the Twitter masses are circling with suggestions, and Deadpool is all over the responses thus far. But he’s yet to add that special +1, despite some well-qualified cosplayers, comic collectors, and adoring fans of toilet humor. 

Honestly, just perusing the 1,700 or so responses the tweet has collected in its first few hours may be the most entertaining thing you read all day. So head on over there and make your case to #BeDeadpools2nd. 

But first … There’s a second helping of Deadpool social news, all for the price of one easy click!

Hot on the heels of Deadpool’s loving portrait of his time-traveling cohort Cable (as portrayed by Josh Brolin), which looks a whole lot like Brant from Goonies (as portrayed by Josh Brolin), we get this loving birthday Instagram greeting from Rob Liefeld, the man who created both Deadpool and the adult Cable (Chris Claremont created the newborn infant Cable in Uncanny X-Men #201):

Looks like these two have been working out at Department K, because those are some impressively fit 50-year-olds. 

For the record, Liefeld does have a Twitter account, and could likely make a pretty good case for being Deadpool’s second friend, don't you think?

Deadpool and all his friends will be making their way into theaters nationwide when Deadpool 2 drops May 18. 

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