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Deadpool pokes fun at Marvel Studios 'phases' in genius new ad meant to boost ticket sales

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May 17, 2018, 3:14 PM EDT

It's no secret 20th Century Fox has basically assured that Deadpool 2 will make a killing at the box office this weekend, but they're still continuing to give us quality marketing content for the sequel.

A new ad meant to boost ticket sales was posted on the movie's Twitter page today and it could have been a short spot with snippets of reused footage, but no. The studio went the extra mile to make a fully-produced mockumentary that pokes fun of the different "phases" over at Marvel Studios. 

Taking us through the development of the Deadpool franchise over ther last 10 years, the spot has a good sense of humor, bringing up X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern. “That was not really what we had in mind," says Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) about the botched oppurtunity of including Deadpool in the Wolverine spinoff and his ill-fated Hal Jordan "didn't help things."

Between 2011 and 2014, Fox said no to a Deadpool project. "It was more of Hell no, to be honest," continues the Merc. "We eventually stopped asking." It segues to 2015 when the first test footage leaked, which really led to the feature-length version being greenlit and its eventual release in 2016. Wade doesn't really remember that year because he went on a massive cocaine bender. Hey, his words, not ours. 

"Ten years into it, Phase One has exceeded our wildest expectations," says Deadpool in an obvious parody of the first 10 years of Marvel Studios, which recently culminated in Avengers: Infinity War. "If you told me back then that one movie would span an expansive two-movie universe, I'd have said that you were crazy. But here we are, with actual actors, a moderate special effects budget, and several low-level X-Men. None of the big ones, though. We gotta save something for Phase Two." 

Deadpool 2 slices into theaters this weekend.