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Deadpool raffles pink suit for F*** Cancer charity

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Apr 4, 2018

Deadpool has a soft spot when it comes to kicking up the fight against cancer. As the Merc With a Mouth’s second film comes barreling toward the fourth wall, the superhero — a cancer survivor himself — is taking it upon himself to give back to the community. In partnership with Omaze and LetsFCancer, 20th Century Fox and Deadpool are helping raise money to support F*** Cancer by raffling off a pink Deadpool suit.

Just watch the video if you want to better understand the hero’s heart-on:

Ryan Reynolds’ voice explains that he’s trying to get some coin for a cause very close to his character’s heart by offering the very suit on his back. For just $10, fans can help F*** Cancer, a nonprofit dedicated to cancer prevention, early detection, and patient support, and throw their hat into the ring for some custom movie memorabilia that, when won, will serve as a lifelong reminder that they dropped some cash for a good cause.

That’s just the minimum amount you can enter, however. With donation offerings up to $5,000, fans can earn an autographed poster, a signed DVD/Blu-ray combo pack, or even, at the highest levels of charity, a customized outgoing voicemail message from Deadpool himself.

The deadline to enter is May 21 — three days after Deadpool 2 comes out — so there’s plenty of time to donate. The drawing will take place May 29.

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