Deadpool writers on sequel plans, introducing Cable and going PG-13(?!)

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Feb 20, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The massive box-office haul created by Deadpool will likely go down as one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year, but now the question naturally turns to what comes next.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who championed the project and kept it alive in development hell for years, are now the proud owners of a hit franchise — and chatted with Collider about what they'd like to do with the sequel. Not to spoil anything from Deadpool, but the film features a nod toward introducing the character Cable (a major player in Deadpool’s comic history).

Despite the success, Reese said the upcoming sequel will avoid the urge to go “bigger” with a more traditional $150 million budget (the first film was made for a modest $58 million) and push to keep any new characters (i.e. Cable, the X-Men, etc.) grounded in this gritty world Deadpool fans fell in love with this past weekend:

“I think there’s a real conceptual difference between taking other characters and big things and bringing them into Deadpool’s reasonably small, gritty world and the opposite, taking Deadpool and placing him among big ensembles who are fighting aliens or in the future where he and Cable are doing something in the future.
I think if Cable and Deadpool team up, it will likely be in Deadpool’s world. That allows us to control that budgetary thing a little more; I don’t think we’re gonna see Deadpool and Cable on some far-flung planet 300 years from now because I just feel like that’s gonna be expensive, A, and will also take away from the relatability of Deadpool. I think at this stage in the game it’s about taking other people and dropping them into this reasonably insular, gritty, urban, dark world of Deadpool.”

It seems likely Reese and Wernick will get the freedom to make whatever kind of movie they want with Deadpool 2, and the R-rated nature of the first film was obviously part of its charm. But what would happen to Deadpool if he ever shows up in a PG-13 movie? There are already plans for an X-Force film (which could potentially be PG-13), and with Deadpool now a proven commodity, it stands to reason Fox might want to bring him into the fold in a proper X-Men film down the line.

According to Reese, they’re already thinking about how they could make it work, and they’d try to stay true to the fourth-wall-breaking aspects of Deadpool if the character was ever used in a film that can’t go quite as crazy with the F-bombs:

“You’d have to have him pushing the edge of that PG-13 harder than any character in it because he does need to feel out of place in a PG-13 movie, if that makes sense. But I could see Deadpool very easily commenting on the fact that, ‘Suddenly I’m trapped in a PG-13, there’s certain things I can’t do around here.’ That could be fun for us. We get to break rules like that. Deadpool knows he’s in a movie, if he knows he’s in an R-rated movie and now he’s in a PG-13-rated movie, he’s probably gonna be frustrated by that. We would play to that, actually.”

The studio already has the original creative team hard at work on a sequel, and you’d have to think Fox is licking its chops to capitalize on the success. As a point of reference: Deadpool’s opening weekend was equal to the entire domestic box-office haul of 2013’s The Wolverine (with a production budget of less than half). To this point, Wolverine was the most bankable character on the X-Men bench — but Deadpool has almost certainly shifted the paradigm.

What do you want to see from the Merc With a Mouth next?


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