Deadpool's Ed Skrein joins Hellboy reboot as a BPRD shapeshifter

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:34 AM EDT (Updated)

The R-rated reboot of Hellboy from director Neil Marshall (The Descent) seems to be coming on nicely. This week, star David Harbour (taking over the role of Big Red from fan-favorite Ron Perlman) teased that the film will have an Indiana Jones vibe while ditching the origin story this time around, and now we're getting more news about the growing cast. Ian McShane has already joined the film to play Hellboy's father figure, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. Other additions already include Milla Jovovich as villainess The Blood Queen, and American Honey star Sasha Lane as the unnaturally young, fairy-influenced, Alice Monaghan. Now, another Hellboy ally has been cast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ed Skrein -- best known to genre fans for his role as the villainous Ajax in Deadpool -- has been cast as Ben Daimio, an officer in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or BPRD. Daimio was first introduced in the Hellboy comic book spinoff BPRD back in 2004, and he has an interesting supernatural ability. After an encounter with a jaguar cult while on a mission in Bolivia, he was attacked by an entity that seemingly killed him. Then a jaguar spirit revealed to him that he was about to start a new life, and he cut his way out of his own body bag. He's still scarred from the experience, but he has a gift as a result: He's a were-jaguar.

The Hellboy reboot (also known as Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, though it would appear that title may have been regrettably dropped) is set to start shooting next month in Europe ahead of a still-unspecified 2018 release date.

So, the cast is shaping up very nicely. What do you think of Skrein as Daimio?