Deadpool's movie costume apparently off-limits in Marvel Comics, even for meta jokes

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Apr 11, 2018, 1:24 PM EDT

At times, it seems like nothing can keep Deadpool away from a good joke, but apparently a team full of Marvel and Hollywood lawyers can do the trick. 

Artist Reilly Brown, who works on Marvel Comics such as Deadpool and Spider-Man/Deadpool, has opened up on Instagram about a behind the scenes story that ended up requiring some tweaks to a recent issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool. The arc found Deadpool playing a stunt double of himself in a Deadpool movie (haha), so Brown thought it’d be funny to draw the costume being used in the “film” to be faithful to the costume from the actual Deadpool movies. As fans are aware, it’s very similar to his comic look, just with a few different straps and layout changes.

Well, turns out that was apparently a bit too much for the complicated rights issues surrounding the character, which is controlled by Fox on the film side and Marvel Comics on the print side. Brown said he had to redraw the panels featuring that costume to the traditional comic version, and also had to tweak another gag that had the actor in the film looking quite a bit like Ryan Reynolds. Brown’s solution? Drop a mustache on him. Now all we need is for Reynolds to actually grow a mustache and bring this thing full circle, right?

Check out Brown’s early panels (and an example of the change) below:

Deadpool 2 opens May 18.

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