Deadpool's Propoal

Deadpool's Proposal revisits Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock's romantic comedy

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May 11, 2018, 10:45 PM EDT

One of the more impressive aspects of Deadpool’s character is that there’s almost nothing he won’t do. From guest-editing Good Housekeeping to running his own 7-Eleven stores and shilling gummy candy based on his tiny hands, the Deadpool 2 marketing campaign has kept the bizarre sense of humor alive for Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth. Now Funny or Die has come up with another stunt that we could easily imagine Deadpool agreeing to.

Deadpool’s Proposal mashes up footage from the two Deadpool movies with The Proposal, a romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock that was released almost a decade ago. Within the film, Bullock played Margaret Tate, a book publisher who was about to be deported back to Canada. To stay in the United States, she forced her assistant, Andrew Paxton (as portrayed by Ryan), to pretend to be her fiancé.

Let’s just say that it didn’t go very smoothly the first time around. And since Ryan was swapped out with Deadpool, this video is definitely more NSFW than the original Proposal. But that only makes it a whole lot funnier.

As amusing as the video is, it doesn’t address a big flaw in Margaret’s plan. Ryan's character may have been an American, but Deadpool was born and raised in Canada. So Margaret could have gone through all of that trouble and gotten deported anyway.

Somehow, we think that Deadpool would have wanted it that way. He’s kind of a jerk sometimes, but that’s why we love him.

Deadpool 2 will be released on Friday, May 18.