Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds weighs in on the possibility of Disney buying Fox

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Nov 7, 2017, 12:50 PM EST (Updated)

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has heard the news that Disney could buy large portions of the entertainment arm of 21st Century Fox, and he has basically the same question we all have.

Reports began circulating Monday that the House of Mouse, which has already purchased other iconic entertainment entities like Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, could be gearing up to take on much of Fox's movie and TV properties as that company mulls moving to a more news- and sports-oriented angle. Bloomberg has since reported that talks between the two companies have stalled, but it was a major jolt to the internet, and Reynolds was no exception.

Monday afternoon, Reynolds tweeted this about the deal:

Because the reported negotiations were specifically for Fox's entertainment assets, it was assumed that would include the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters the company's owned the film rights to for decades. That, then, would include Deadpool, which has a massively successful 2016 boxoffice run and is already in production on a 2018 sequel. Because the reports only described negotations between Disney and Fox, and not any actual parameters, it's really hard to say.

If the talks actually do lead to some kind of deal, it's difficult to imagine Disney letting such a profitable film franchise wither away, or even to imagine the company rebooting the character. Reynolds not only worked for years to get Deadpool off the ground, but he is synonymous with The Merc With a Mouth. Plus, imagine how fun it would be to have Wade Wilson just dropped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe without any idea how he got there.

One way or another, Reynolds probably has nothing to worry about.