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Deadpool's X-Force movie is dead at Disney, at least according to Rob Liefeld

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Jan 14, 2019, 4:53 PM EST

It looks like the expected Disney/Fox merger has already begun to Thanos-snap some of Fox's in-development X-projects into dust. The most notable casualty would appear to be X-Force, a spin-off of the Deadpool movies. 

One Twitter user wrote the following about how some gestating projects are allegedly no longer gestating: "Not a huge surprise but from what I hear Gambit and Dr. Doom are officially dead. As for X-Force, it's not "officially" dead, but they only have two months to start filming it and that's not gonna happen. So... not happening, not with Fox anyway." 

Normally we'd take such a tweet as mere rumor, and even then we'd have a Galactus-sized pinch of salt at the ready. Another tweet came after, though, that makes it a little more substantial. 

Rob Liefeld himself, the creator of Deadpool and X-Force, responded to the tweet. He writes, "Pour one out for ol' X-Force. Victim of the merger. $800 million grosser easy." 

Nothing is official here, but we would think that Liefeld would be in the know to at least some degree about what is going on with the properties that he himself had a hand in creating. X-Force was to be the next time Deadpool appeared on our movie screens, having been teased (and then mostly slaughtered unceremoniously) in Deadpool 2

The movie might not be completely dead — Disney might very well want to take advantage of Deadpool's popularity and bring it back to life. Liefeld doesn't comment on the other mentioned films, but in terms of Gambit at least, a movie that has been "in the works" for almost forever, we wouldn't be surprised if it finally got a fatal card to the head. 

X-Force could always make a dramatic comeback in a post-merger world, but for now, Rob Liefeld seems pretty sure that it's done. Pour one out.