Deadshot may get his own Suicide Squad spinoff movie

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May 5, 2017, 11:53 AM EDT (Updated)

Apparently Harley Quinn isn't the only Squad member who's up for her own movie.

As part of the same burst of news in which we learned that Suicide Squad director David Ayer is reteaming with Margot Robbie as Harley for Gotham City Sirens, the Hollywood Reporter has also revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures is mulling the prospect of giving Will Smith's Deadshot his own movie as well.

Short of having Deadshot return for a Suicide Squad sequel -- which is also on the drawing board, no surprise there considering its $745 million global box office -- the idea of giving Floyd Lawton his own solo outing makes a lot of sense. Smith brought his usual ton of charisma to the role, which was a somewhat different one for him, and Deadshot proved to be one of the best and most popular elements of a film that a lot of fans -- even the ones who like it -- acknowledge was a hot mess. 

Talk of a Deadshot movie is just that for now; we have no idea whether Smith even wants to come back to play Lawton again in Suicide Squad 2, let alone a third picture. Plus the powers that be at Warner Bros. may decide to put a proper sequel to Suicide Squad on the fast track ahead of a Deadshot standalone.

Whatever turns out to be the case, we will probably see Smith again as Deadshot, and a film exploring his own adventures might be more enticing that Suicide Squad 2. Would you like to see Smith as Deadshot in his own project, or do you think he should just sign up for another tour of duty with Task Force X?