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Dean Cain wants to bring back Lois & Clark — and he has some ideas for it too

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Apr 20, 2018, 12:20 PM EDT

We've grown up with Superman. We've followed his adventures in the comics and on screens small and large for a long, long time — 80 years, in fact. But no one has devoted as much thought to the Man of Steel (and to Superboy, too) as the many actors who've played him over the years, those who've donned the cape, tapped away at that Daily Planet typewriter, or found just the right tone for both Clark's and Kal-El's voice.

Over the course of this week we're going to be talking a lot to the members of this elite group, including Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Tom Welling (Smallville), and Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), plus several Supes from previous generations. These guys have a lot of memories and, as you'll see, a lot of stories, too.

If Full House, Will & Grace, Roseanne, and Mad About You can do it, why not Lois & Clark? The recent trend to revive once-popular programs from the past and continue their stories gives hope to both Teri Hatcher and now Dean Cain, who tells SYFY WIRE he’d love to see a reboot or a spinoff. 

“I would love it,” he says. “I have some fun ideas about what I’d like to see happen, if we revisit these characters 25 years later.”

When the superhero romance came to an abrupt close at the end of its fourth season, it wasn’t meant to be a series finale. The so-called cliffhanger — “That’s a very kind way to put it,” Cain says, laughing — happened when Lois and Clark found a baby wrapped in a Superman cape. Executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming had planned for the couple to raise the child, who would have aged so rapidly he would have been a teenager within the year. When Hatcher became pregnant in real life, the show was canceled, and this storyline was abandoned. 

However, Cain believes the couple would have raised even more children, “whether it was this adopted child, or whether they figured out a way to have children naturally,” he says. “I’d give them a daughter and a son, and let those two characters become the focus.”

In the meantime, Lois would likely hold a powerful position – “Probably mayor of Metropolis, since she was an ambitious woman and she would go far,” he surmises. As for Clark, who knows? He can’t exactly retire the cape. “It would be interesting to see what Clark’s doing at this point in time,” Cain says. “There’s so much stuff untold, so much left to tell, so I’d be wide open to it.”

His one request is to keep the tone light. “The thing I liked most about Lois & Clark, we were a fun show,” he says. “Some of the later Superman stuff is so dark, but I prefer Superman to be a character of light and hope. I prefer the lighter romance and humor.”