Dean Haglund previews the return of Richard Langly on The X-Files

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Jan 10, 2018

When we last saw the Lone Gunmen in The X-Files, they were in Mulder's LSD-induced cowboy-disco trip in last season's "Babylon." They didn't do much, just sat and smiled while Mulder danced. It was obviously done as fan-service, and while it brought a smile to many an X-Phile's face, it was a pretty innocuous appearance from the fan-favorite trio, who were killed off at the end of the original show's run.

Tonight's episode, "This," brings back one of the Lone Gunmen, this time for a much meatier, story-based role. Mulder and Scully are awakened (after a long night of work, certainly) by the staticy buzz of Mulder's cell phone, and the alarming message from Richard Langly, the bleach-blonde Gunman.

In this behind-the-scenes clip, actor Dean Haglund attempts to explain Langly's return without giving away any spoilers. Is Langly really dead? Is this just a pre-recorded video set up to lead Mulder on a hunt? Did Langly fake his own death? Is he somehow reaching out from beyond the grave?


The Lone Gunmen have been fan-favorite characters on The X-Files since the first season. Byers, Frohike, and Langly are a trio of hyper-vigilant conspiracy theorists, rabid government watchdogs, and computer hackers. They first met Mulder when a woman tricks them into thinking Mulder abducted her daughter (in reality, she was a government employee who was wanted for blowing up an FBI lab).

After appearing in over two dozen episodes of The X-Files (plus the feature film), the Lone Gunmen got their own spin-off show on Fox. Thirteen episodes aired in the beginning of 2001 before the series was canceled. The trio returned to The X-Files as guest actors in the final original season of the series before being killed off in the season nine episode, "Jumping the Shark."

The X-Files airs Wednesday nights on Fox.

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