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Galaxy Quest TV show almost hit Amazon, would've been 'one long movie,' says director

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Aug 20, 2020, 3:13 PM EDT

By Grabthar's Hammer, someone should totally avenge the Galaxy Quest TV show! During a recent interview with Collider, director Dean Parisot admitted that the project was thisclose to becoming a reality at Amazon — and here's what it would've looked like.

"We had a deal with [them]. We were getting notes. There was a script. We had everybody on board," he said, adding that the finished product would've consisted of 10 episodes (amounting to "one long movie" that followed a traditional three-act structure). The unfortunate death of Alan Rickman (who played Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus) in 2016 put things on hold. While the director and producers don't want to make another Galaxy Quest adventure without him, Parisot continued that they might be able "to find a different way in." 

Set 15-20 years after the events of the 1999 film, the series was all set to revisit the washed-up NSEA-Protector crew who, despite their triumphant victory over Sarris, became "even more pathetic" across the intervening years.

Credit: Warner Home Video

"Tim Allen’s character lets it go that he really went to outer space and [the cast has] been mocked ever since and they lost their television series, and they’re even more of a disaster.” Parisot explained. “It was a great opening because they were asked to go to Comic Con and they think it’s because they’re going to reinvigorate the series, but instead, they’re going to hand it off to a younger group of actors. So Jason Nesmeth [played by Allen] gets in a horrible fistfight on stage and it went from there."

Parisot immediately clammed up after that, stating that he still hopes to realize the TV adaptation one day. "I won’t give it away in case it comes back," he said. Put another way, the filmmaker subscribes to Commander Taggart's iconic catchphrase: Never give up! Never surrender!

Parisot's next effort as director is Bill & Ted Face the Music, a different revival of a fan favorite franchise from years past. Originally slated for a wide theatrical bow, the highly-anticipated threequel arrives on VOD and in select theaters next Friday, Aug. 28.