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Death Becomes Her Broadway musical in the works starring Kristin Chenoweth

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Dec 13, 2017, 1:38 PM EST

After a stunning role on American Gods, Kristin Chenoweth is reportedly hopping onboard a planned Broadway musical based on the 1992 macabre comedy Death Becomes Her. The cult Robert Zemeckis film flipped the script on an actress seeking eternal life, giving it to her in the most gruesome way possible.

According to Deadline, Chenoweth is on tap to play the role of youth-obsessed actress Madeline, who was memorably portrayed by Meryl Streep in the film, which also costarred Goldie Hawn as her nemesis-friend. The project is reportedly in its early stages, and has yet to assemble its creative team. The news was announced by Universal Pictures president Jimmy Horowitz and Chris Herzberger, vice president of UTG.

The Tony Award-winning Chenoweth has plenty of musical chops, starring in Wicked and Glee while also having a surprising amount of experience in raising the dead, as she does in American Gods as the deity of Easter.

She also starred in Pushing Daisies, surrounded by the unnaturally perky former dead. Combining these two aspects into a musical comedy seems like an odd match, but there’s also a Beetlejuice musical heading to Broadway, so perhaps no entertainment property truly stays dead.