Debate Club: The Twilight Zone

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Dec 29, 2017, 8:25 PM EST

Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone remains one of the most provocative and revealing sci-fi anthology shows ever to bless the airwaves, debuting on CBS on Oct. 2, 1959, and encompassing 156 episodes over five seasons.

Its socially aware, psychologically driven collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror tales are still as topical and relevant in today's world, due to the screen material focused on projecting our darkest fears, desires, and dreams. The sharp-eyed, cigarette-smoking Serling was the creative genius behind the show, and wrote over half of its classic installments, which are still discussed and mulled over in every possible arena.

For our latest chapter of SYFY WIRE's Debate Club, cross over and join a pair of certified Zone experts as they compete for fictional points awarded for their responses to a series of questions regarding The Twilight Zone and its lasting legacy.

Play along at home and tell us which episodes are your favorites in the comment section below!

Additional material by Jeff Spry.