Fionnula Flanagan in Defiance

December 10 in Sci-Fi History: Sunday, Birthday Sunday

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Mar 27, 2021, 4:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Today's a good day to celebrate one of the greatest sci-fi actresses of the modern era. It was on this day in 194 that Fionnula Flanagan was born in Dublin, Ireland.


She was, of course, amazing on Lost as the chilling matriarch Eloise Hawking. And also pretty great as Nicky on Defiance. But perhaps her most exciting role to date was in 2001's The Others.


Bonus clip! She was also on Murder, She Wrote a bunch.


In other Irish actor news, today is also the birthday of Kenneth Branagh, born on this day in 1960 in Belfast, Ireland.


Finally, today would also have been Michael Clarke Duncan's 60th birthday.


Duncan was nominated for an Oscar for The Green Mile, known for being a delightful human being, and died in 2012 of a very sudden heart attack. Resquiat in Pace.