December 6 in Sci-Fi History: Agnes Moorehead

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Dec 6, 2017

In a time before sci-fi allowed female actresses to be taken seriously in sci-fi roles, there were a few who could pull it off with what they had to work with. Inarguably one of the most successful women in early TV sci-fi? Agnes Moorehead.


She was born on this day in 1900, in Clinton, Massachusetts. She was in Citizen Kane and had quite the memorable role on The Twilight Zone.


But it's her turn as Samantha Stevens' meddling mother Endora on Bewitched that she is most remembered for.


Moorehead was fearless in the part, and photographers loved turning up to take pictures of her. Turns out, our library had some amazing photos of this. So, naturally …


She also got to play grandmother to Erin Murphy's Tabitha.


Moorehead died of cancer in 1974. That legacy of meddling mother-in-law with incredible style, though ...



It was also on this day in 1991 that Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country premiered.


This was the last feature film with the entire cast of the original series. Directed by Nicholas Meyer, the movie was a look at what would happen when a sort of "cold war" ended in space. Worth another watch.

Tomorrow: Jeffrey Wright and Nicholas Hoult, birthday boys.

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