Diabolical aliens stalk a sole survivor in sensational sci-fi short, Dedalo

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May 24, 2017

With Alien: Covenant's mutant neomorphs chewing the scenery and colonists' appendages on the big screen right now, it's hard to imagine a more horrifying creature to contend with.

Check out this ambitious sci-fi horror short by filmmaker Jerónimo Rocha called Dédalo. The plot documents the plight of Siena, a trembling survivor of a ruthless space battle who is trying to survive inside her refinery spaceship as a swarm of slimy, spiked aliens stalk her. Sure, the story is a familiar one to Alien fans, but Rocha ratchets up the suspense with tight camerawork and a truly monstrous entity aboard her damaged vessel.

Have a look at tell us what you'd do to keep these marauding monsters at bay.

(Via io9)

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