Defiance exec explains how the game will affect Syfy's new series

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:19 PM EDT

The multi-platform TV series/videogame crossover Defiance looks to be one of the biggest Syfy series coming our way in 2013, but one big question has been exactly how the two will mesh. Now we think we know.

The series is set on a post-alien-invasion Earth, with multiple races and factions all jockeying for political power. It has the alien look of Farscape with the political intrigue of Battlestar Galactica, all wrapped up in one platform-busting TV/videogame package.

Nathan Richardson, who is producing the project on the videogame side with Trion Worlds, has opened up in a new interview with Digital Spy about how they plan to keep all the balls in the air between a MMORPG game and scripted TV series.

Here's how he explained it:

"We have what we call crossover events. They cross both the mediums and the two locations. We have events around every episode and they cross back and forth between the game and show. Something may happen in the game, and then it will cross into the show, and cross back. You can play the game and you don't have to watch the show, but the storylines are mutually progressive...

Basically, Defiance as a story progresses throughout the year. When the game goes up you will be doing missions, which leads into the show. We will then have crossover events as each episode premieres, but the game will also move the storyline forward too ... During the period between season one and [season] two of the TV show, we will have a certain amount of player influence and stuff like that which will affect what season two is."

So, for gamers worried that the videogame will be locked in and reactionary to the TV series, worry not, because it seems both will have ample opportunity to drive the overall narrative. It should be a neat approach to have crossovers built in, which will enhance the story for those who do both—but hopefully not alienate anyone who only watches the show or plays the game.

However it works out, it's a gutsy play to even make the series at all. Anderson's full interview is well worth a read.

Defiance is scheduled to premiere on Syfy in April 2013, with the game hitting shelves approximately two weeks before. Do you plan on checking it out?

(Via Digital Spy)