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Definitively ranking the 10 sexiest characters of the Arrowverse

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Jan 18, 2020, 12:03 PM EST

How do you rank the characters of a universe that includes six CW TV series: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Batwoman? The Arrowverse, as the series’ collective multiverse is known, is filled with beautiful characters like Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin, who you will recall was also a total babe as Tom Collins in Rent). It’s also filled with attractive people we’d love to hate-bang like Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) or Deathstroke (can I just say damn, Manu Bennett? Like, DAMN).

But this list is about sexiness—and being sexy isn’t just about being attractive, but also about confidence, attitude, joie de vivre, and swagger. There are many, many characters in the Arrowverse who are sexy for myriad reasons, but we had to focus in on the very sexiest.

Except in one very deserving case, we limited ourselves to series regulars who had been so for more than one season. If we hadn’t, this list would have included the likes of Earth X’s Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller), Constantine (Matt Ryan), Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson), and Earth-96’s sexily graying Superman (Brandon Routh), and then it would have become unwieldy.

JUST LOOK AT THIS IMAGE. This much sexiness takes place on a regular basis. This is just a normal episode of Arrow where people are training. I mean … WHAT.

Credit: The CW

The following list of the 10 sexiest characters in the Arrowverse was determined through a definitive and objective ranking process called WOW! HOT! YES!

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J’onn J’onzz (Supergirl)

In a universe where everyone is a fresh-faced baby slash impulsive fool, a mature hottie is a rarity. But J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) proves that sometimes you’re looking for someone who will think for a damn second before acting. J’onn is the kind of person (errr, Green Martian) who will help you with your issues, all while dealing with the pressure of being the only survivor of a genocide. “No, your frustrations with your sister aren’t trivial. My father being held prisoner for 300 years isn’t stressing me out at all. Please go on.”

On top of that, he’s damn sexy—whether in his Green Martian form or his human one. We love his ears and we won’t apologize for it, but it’s his eyes that really seal the deal. STARE INTO OUR SOULS, DADDY.


Nia Nal (Supergirl)

Part of what makes superheroes so attractive is their super abilities. But while some people look a little silly using their powers (um, hey Professor X, take a laxative), Nia Nal aka Dreamer (Nicole Maines) looks like the BAMF she is. We're not talking about her precognitive dreams, though those are also really cool, but more her ability to channel her psychic powers through special gloves. At one point in Season 5, Nia stops a tidal wave with her oneirokineticism made manifest in swirling blue streaks of light. Of course, all that sexy power only accentuates the appeal of such a sweet and loving human slash Naltorian.


Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning)

Perhaps the best thing about Black Lightning conceptually is that it’s not a story about a brand-new superhero figuring out their powers like most of the stories in the Arrowverse. Instead, it’s about an established, powerful hero coming out of retirement because his community needs it. Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) returns to his Black Lightning mantle to protect Freeland and his family—and what’s more attractive than someone who gives a damn? And it doesn’t hurt that he looks sexy AF doing it, whether in his super suit or proper principal attire. Seriously, a neon super-suit shouldn’t work, but wow, wow, wow, does it ever.


Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

One of the weirdest conceits of the Arrowverse is that Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is anything less than a bona fide smokeshow. That’s what happens when your best friends are the fastest man alive, a sometimes-ice-queen, and a bunch of other Metas. But Cisco? Cisco is a total babe and it’s time we all recognized that. From having some of the coolest, trippiest powers to being a complete and total genius to actually having a sense of humor, Cisco is the full package. And with hair like that, hoo buddy. Someone slip Carlos Valdes our number.


Nyssa al Ghul (Arrow)

Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) is the only non-regular cast member on this list and she earned this spot with pure effing sex appeal. From the moment she first appears in Arrow, kicking ass in an airport, you know that Nyssa is a force to be reckoned with. And when she first smooches Sara Lance, all your shipping hopes are confirmed. She’s a killer assassin, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, and briefly takes control of Nanda Parbat before disbanding the League of Assassins. And she manages to achieve all of this while looking fierce AF whether wearing her League attire or dressing “incognito” (you can never really be low-key when you’re that attractive). Her iconoclastic destruction of the League’s mystical artifacts and way of life are just icing on the sex appeal cake.


Luke Fox (Batwoman)

Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) is clearly a babe. He’s clever, he’s supportive, and he’s comfortable around powerful women. He dresses to the nines and constantly looks like he could lecture you on the finer points of mechanical engineering or take you on a fun date. On top of that, you know Luke can keep a secret since he’s pretty much the only person that knows Bruce Wayne was Batman. And, when he sees that Kate Kane could do some good in Gotham, could bring some fear back to those poisoning his home, he decides to change his mind and help her become the hero he can believe in.

In general, he’s a total sexpot, but when we travel to Earth-99 with Kate and meet his hardened doppelgänger, we get a little flash of abs-o-steel-Luke.

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Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow)

When Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) died aboard the Queen’s Gambit as a wee college student, her life finally began. Yeah, she did have to kill a bunch of people with the League of Assassins and die (for real this time), but she also became a time-traveling superhero banging her way through time, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag. BUT time traveling means getting to wear many, many period-appropriate (ish) sexy outfits. It’s not the mission she chose, but it’s the mission she was fated for. And we’re all better for it! LOOK UPON HER GLORY AND BE SAVED.

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Anissa Pierce (Black Lightning)

What’s not to love about Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams)? She has impeccable style. She loves her communities. She feels responsible for using her power to help those who need her. She’s great in bed. And you know she’s the kind of partner who will treat you right in the sack and in the street. As both Thunder and Blackbird, Anissa proves to be a principled and powerful superhero—and she looks sexy using her powers, whether stomping, clapping, or holding her breath to alter her body’s density. Those might not sound like the sexiest powers, but if you’ve seen them in action, you know what we mean.


Kate Kane (Batwoman)

It’s hard not to get flabbergasted when talking about Kate Kane (Ruby Rose). She’s just so attractive. GAH. Physically, yes. She’s beautiful and handsome and sexy and powerful. Her tattoos are just WOW. And her hair is like WUT. But it’s her… everything else that really makes her irresistible. It’s the way she rocks a leather jacket and one earring longer than the other. It’s the way she treats her dates and how she can’t stand to lie to them. It’s her fearless queerness and how she knows exactly who she is. That is all without her being Batwoman, a role that somehow only brings out the best in Kate. She is brave beyond all measure and we’re just so happy to have a caped crusader to get behind.

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie

Charlie (Legends of Tomorrow)

There can be only one. Only one number one, that is. It’s not easy to decide who reigns supreme in the sex appeal buffet that is the Arrowverse, but that is the challenge before us. And we choose Legends of Tomorrow’s Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers).

Charlie is a shapeshifter who is defined by her powers. In fact, she feels most like herself while shifting rather than in a static facade. She’s currently kind of stuck in Amaya Jiwe’s form, though she can shift imperfectly for short periods of time. Regardless of the face she wears, Charlie oozes pure swagger. When in Amaya’s form, she wears her hair, dresses, speaks, and comports herself completely differently—and some of that attitude travels with her regardless of her form. Charlie is fun. Charlie is funny. Charlie is flirty. Charlie is every kind of lover you could ever want and she enjoys partying. She’s as likely to start a bar fight as she is to share a quiet moment with someone she cares for. 

If there can be only one, that one is Charlie.