Del Toro promises The Strain S2 goes 'very dark,' reveals lessons from year one

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Sep 2, 2014

The first season of FX’s horror series The Strain has been one of the darkest shows of the fall, but creator Guillermo del Toro says things are going to get even worse next year.

The network recently announced they’ll be bringing the show back for a second season, which is a good thing, because del Toro and his team have designs to take the series anywhere from three to five seasons — largely depending on how much they flesh out the background from the later novels the series is based on.

Focusing on some extremely freaky vampires and a large conspiracy surrounding them, year one of The Strain has been a fun romp for fans of classic horror and del Toro’s patented brand of terrifying visuals. In an interview with Collider, del Toro opened up about what they’ve learned in the first season and where they want to take things next:

“Yeah [they’re looking at 3-5 total seasons], because the second and third book were very compressed. If you read them, they go to flashbacks.  We learn Setrakian’s story up to the ‘40s, in the first season. In the second season, you’ll learn his story as a child, and how he first learned of The Master. And then, you think you see the origin of The Master, until you end up tracking it to thousands of years before. As you go forward in the story, you go back in the mythology.  When Setrakian is asked about Eichhorst, he says, ‘I knew him before when he was human, but equally monstrous.’ And then, there is that moment when Eichhorst is talking while he’s drunk, and he says that we all submit to a greater will. That’s where the series is heading, and the books head. It’s a very dark scenario about how easy it is to submit our will, if we are told that’s the way things are…

It’s such a steep learning curve.  You have a lot of time, and no time, at all. You have X number of months to shoot the series, but at the same time, you’re dealing with problems that come at you at 100 mph. The partnership with Carlton [Cuse] has been the main thing. Chuck [Hogan], Carlton and myself were learning what exactly we could do to function the best together, and what areas are the blindspots of each other, and I’m actually super excited to do the second season. I cleared my schedule to not shoot until February of next year. I’m shooting a small movie, but I want to be there and I want to be available because I love this so much. To me, the important thing is to learn a new medium. Five years ago, I gave myself a goal, which was that I wanted to publish comics, publish books, do a TV show, do a video game and make movies, and learn from all of that, to see where the future of storytelling can go. And I’ve done four of the five.”

What do you think of The Strain and del Toro’s plan for its future? Are you glad to hear they’ll be bringing it back next season? 

(Via Collider)

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