Delicious Flavor Monsters attack in new Truth mobile game

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Dec 17, 2012

This post is sponsored by The Truth Flavor Monsters campaign.

Like to kill creepy little baddies? Then get ready to defend the world from delicious flavors mutated into crazed monsters, as part of the new mobile game Flavor Monsters sponsored by Truth.

The free mobile app is available on iPhone and Android, and drops players into the middle of a monster invasion of Flavor Monsters, mutated baddies derived from delicious flavors.

The Flavor Monsters have invaded, and the only chance humanity has is to start blasting to stop the spread. Armed with an Anti-Radiation Plasma Cannon, players can upgrade hunting tools, collect credits and co-op with some pals for back up against the hordes.

Sponsored by The Truth, the baddies are inspired by the several flavored tobacco products still available on store shelves. Flavored cigarettes were outlawed in 2009, but 45 flavored tobacco products still exist. Now, what started out as yummy apples and cherries have become something much more sinister.

To get in the mood to take out some Flavor Monsters, here's a viral video catching the start of the attack:

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