Delusional Ang Lee still insists The Hulk is a work of art

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

While discussing the Brad Pitt film The Tree of Life—and its special effects-laden sequences that connect the universe at large to the tiniest molecule—Oscar-winning director Ang Lee revealed that he wasn't too impressed. After all, he did the same thing with his take on Marvel's jolly green giant.

So, while Lee is fond of much of director Terrence Malick's artful, metaphysical family drama, where other people saw innovation, Lee saw the familiar and was unimpressed:

"There are some locations [in Tree of Life] I even scouted before, so I see a lot of the elements I was thinking about in The Hulk. Some I put in, some I didn't. The non-drama part of Tree of Life was stuff I was thinking about when I was doing The Hulk. So I've been there. That's why that part didn't take my breath away, because I'd been thinking about similar things. I like to be surprised."

Nothing, however, could be quite as surprising as that big action scene when the Hulk fought a gamma-irradiated poodle and his pooch buddies.

(via Vulture)

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