Departing Walking Dead cast member shares a heartfelt goodbye

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Nov 8, 2017, 6:19 PM EST (Updated)

Spoiler alert! Do not read if you have not watched The Walking Dead Episode 803, "Monsters."

In Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, only one named character was lost. In The Walking Dead, that is a pretty good track record. Eric, the infrequently seen boyfriend of Aaron (Ross Marquand), was killed in a battle with the Saviors. While our heroes eventually won the battle, Eric lost his life and Aaron the love of his life.

Actor Jordan Woods-Robinson, who played Eric, has a heartfelt message of thanks to his fans. “Ross and I had so many conversations with members of the LGBTQ community about your stories and your challenges and your victories. And it always brought us such pride knowing that we were able to bring a relationship to life that resonated with so many people, that echoed at a core level.”

Eric's death on the show is far different than it is in the comic book. In the comic book, Eric is basically shot dead, and Aaron doesn't have time to say goodbye or grieve. Instead, the show gives Eric and Aaron a sweet, intimate goodbye, in which they profess their love for one another and share a final kiss before Eric encourages Aaron to return to the fight. When Aaron returns, intending to get Eric to the doctor, he discovers that Eric has turned and stumbled away.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

(Via EW)

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