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Derek Dynamo and his talking T-rex suit up in fresh clip for Amazon Prime's Super Dinosaur

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Sep 28, 2019

Bounding onto the small screen next week with kid-friendly cartoon craziness and based on Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's wild Skybound/Image comic book, Skybound Entertainment is delivering the action-charged fantasy adventure series Super Dinosaur for your must-see fall viewing pleasureThis immensely addictive all-ages offering, produced in partnership with international children's content titan Spin Masters Ltd., boldly launches on Amazon Prime Video on Oct. 6.

Super Dinosaur

Credit: Skybound Entertainment

Season 1 consists of 13 30-minute episodes, all available on the show’s premiere day. Super Dinosaur follows the astounding exploits of 10-year-old supergenius Derek Dynamo and his video-game-loving, 9-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex buddy as they serve and protect Earth against the evil Dr. Max Maximus and his nefarious plans to rule Inner-Earth.

To prepare for the colorful chaos to come, Skybound Entertainment has presented SYFY WIRE with an exclusive clip showing Derek and his genetically altered T-rex pal slapping on the power armor to battle the invading forces of Tricerachops and her stampeding horde of minions.


"Jason Howard and I created Super Dinosaur as something all kids would enjoy as much as our own kids do," says Kirkman in an official statement. "In doing so we were able to craft a world as immersive and engaging as the world of The Walking Dead ... but for kids! Our partners at Spin Master have helped Skybound prepare this world for a mass audience and I'm so happy this series has landed at Amazon, where I know it will thrive."

SD Slice 1

Credit: Skybound Entertainment

Do you dig the style and tone of Amazon's Super Dinosaur, and will you tune in when the series thunders onto the airwaves Oct. 6?

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