Derek Jacobi says those new Star Wars movies need a Gandalf: Him!

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Feb 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

Sir Derek Jacobi has had a storied career, having put his stamp on nearly every major BBC program. You might know him best for having played the Master in season three of Doctor Who. Now, he says, he'd like to be in Star Wars—and his reasoning is pretty darn interesting.

It seems like whenever folks talk about the new Star Wars films and who ought to be in them, it's boiled down to two categories—actors from the original films and current, hot actors. But who are you going to get to play your mentor? What's missing, clearly, is the old guy. And that's where Sir Derek Jacobi comes in!

Every major franchise has an older character played by a classically trained actor. Says Jacobi, "I'd love to do my big franchise movie. Ian [McKellen]'s got his Gandalf, Pat Stewart has his Star Trek, Michael Gambon has got his Dumbledore. They are running out of these old men, you see. I have to be next!"

It's worth noting that McKellen and Stewart have both double-dipped thanks to X-Men. What Jacobi is saying isn't such a tough sell, either. After all, Star Wars needs a Yoda or an Obi-Wan, doesn't it? All the same, though, Michael Gambon has also been on Doctor Who, so Jacobi might not be the only older actor in the running. They might have to fight for it!

What do you think? Should Jacobi get a turn in Star Wars?

(Daily Mail via IGN)

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