Descendants of Raiders of the Lost Ark snakes roam wild at studio

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Dec 15, 2012

Simon Pegg (the guy who made zombies funny in Shaun of the Dead) was apparently chatting today with Paul Freeman (he played Indiana Jones' archrival René Belloq in Raiders of the Lost Ark, remember?), and they got to talking about snakes. Now, we hate snakes. But THIS we love.

Earlier today, Pegg tweeted:

"Fab stories from Paul Freeman today. Apparently there may be a community of snakes living at Elstree Studios descended from Raiders escapees."

Some of Raiders was filmed at Elstree Studios three decades ago, and if Freeman is to be believed—and who wouldn't trust a rakish archaeologist?—some of the snakes got away, and their descendants continue to wander the property.

Apocryphal? Maybe.

But we don't care. It's still cool.

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