Desperate for Episode VII news? Try the Star Wars Rumor Generator

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Dec 17, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

Feeling a little down in the dumps because a day or two has gone by with no Star Wars news? Don't worry, salvation is at hand.

With the end of August upon us -- a traditionally slow time for movie news since it falls right between the end of the summer season and the beginning of the fall festivals and Oscar race -- there's a very real possibility that we might see a dip in the amount of news about Star Wars: Episode VII.

Of course, when we say "news," we use the term very loosely. After all, aside from the cast, the director, the release date and the fact that cameras are actually rolling, we know next to nothing about the movie officially. Everything else has been rumor, speculation and anonymously sourced gossip (hell, has anyone even said that Mark Hamill is actually playing Luke Skywalker?), with the production neither confirming nor denying any of it.

But since fans are hungry for any tidbit of information -- unofficial, sketchy or otherwise -- and since there are times when the million and one websites covering this production might have nothing for them, Slate has come up with a solution:

The Star Wars Rumor Generator!

Yes, now you too can create your own subtitle, characters, plot synopsis (slightly different each time) and poster art for the movie with the press of a button, over and over again, each time creating a whole new basis for unfounded Internet speculation and pointless theorizing. Our personal favorite? Star Wars Episode VII: Revenge of the Ewoks.

Head over to Slate and have some fun! And make sure you send the rumors you start our way first so we can collect all those hits from frantic fans.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)