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Despicable Me zips past Shrek to become the biggest animated franchise in history

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Aug 9, 2017, 11:31 AM EDT

This news? Anything but despicable.

Despicable Me has now become the top-grossing animated film franchise worldwide, with a staggering box-office take of $3.52 billion, Deadline reports. The franchise’s bottom line was goosed this past weekend by its latest outing, Despicable Me 3, which added another $21.2 million to its coffers internationally, bringing that film’s global gross to $885 million in just over a month.

This means Gru and his band of Minions have zipped past the Shrek franchise, whose five films had drummed up $3.51 billion worldwide.

The Steve Carell-headlined Despicable Me stable includes the three films as well as the 2015 spinoff Minions, which, at $1.15 billion, is the biggest money earner of the bunch.

Don't expect the gibberish-spouting little yellow fellas to stop there: A sequel to Minions is reportedly on the slate for 2020.