Despite no pick-up, FX hasn't given up on Powers series yet

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Dec 17, 2012

Considering the fact that it's been in development for, like, years—and still hasn't been picked up by the network—it'd be easy to assume that FX's comic-based cop show Powers is dead. But you know what they say about what happens when you assume.

Based on Brian Michael Bendis' comic about cops working in a superhero world, FX had a pilot made a while back, but decided not to bring it to series. But FX president John Landgraf says the series is still moving behind the scenes, with new scripts being written and a complete reshoot planned for the pilot episode.

He told IGN:

"[W]hat we ended up doing is hiring Chic Eglee, who had done the work on the pilot we shot. Not only to rewrite the pilot that we had shot, but to do three more episodes and put together a writing staff. So I think Brian has now read those scripts. I haven't seen them yet. So we are going to end up having four scripts for Powers. And if we elect to move forward, yeah, I think we will just go back and reshoot the pilot from scratch, with a new cast in all probability."
The original pilot starred Jason Patric and Lucy Punch as the two cops at the center of the series, though Punch has since moved on to star in a new sitcom. But Landgraf did say there's a chance Patric could potentially return.

Obviously, any news is good news, and if the series is half as good as the comic—it could be great.

What do you think? Would you like to see this one finally make it to series someday?

(Via IGN)