Destruction reigns in Godzilla's fiery 1st full trailer

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Dec 10, 2013, 1:53 PM EST

Finally, after months of teasing, we've got a proper, two-minute trailer for the Godzilla reboot, and it does not disappoint.

So far, pretty much everything we've seen of Monsters director Gareth Edwards' new incarnation of the legendary kaiju looks very promising. The film's got a solid monster design, a killer cast and multiple monsters, and what little teaser footage we've seen up to now has been powerful, mysterious and definitely on a grand scale. Now Edwards is letting us deeper into his burning world, and he begins not with the monster but with the humans forced to contend with him.

The trailer kicks off with a group of soldiers (including star Aaron Taylor-Johnson) making a jump through truly terrifying clouds into a burned-out San Francisco (with dialogue we first heard in those viral videos). There we get a glimpse of the creature that caused it all at the end of an awe-inspiring minute-long sequence, but the trailer still doesn't become all about Godzilla. In what follows, we get glimpses of Elizabeth Olsen's character comforting a child, Bryan Cranston sprinting desperately and weeping alongside Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe exploring, schoolchildren running, subway cars buckling, planes exploding ...

And then, in the final moments, a familiar silhouette emerges from a cloud of debris, and we hear a roar.

Really, you have to see this thing for yourself, because it takes every good thing we knew about Godzilla thus far and makes it better. This is a trailer good enough to make Godzilla bump up a few spots on your most-anticipated-movies-of-2014 list. Oh, and to sweeten the pot, Warner Bros. just threw us an awesome new poster.


Check out the trailer, and be sure to blow it up to full screen and play it loud. Godzilla would want it that way.

Godzilla hits theaters May 16, 2014.

(Via Warner Bros. Pictures)