Details emerge from the new Captain America: Civil War trailer unveiled during Asia Pop Comic-Con

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Sep 23, 2015, 7:50 PM EDT (Updated)

An updated trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War was screened at the Asia Pop Comic-Con over the weekend, and some descriptions of what was apparently shown to the fans attending the panel have made their merry way online.


So, this trailer is supposedly an updated version of the trailer that was shown at D23 Expo a few weeks ago. However, this new version was apparently so well received that they actually played it twice for the assembled audience!

Comic Book Movie has made the rounds and has assembled some descriptions that were posted by a few Twitter users. Don’t expect to see the trailer pop up on the net anytime soon: Security was so tight that they collected cell phones before the panel. Oh, and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier) received a huge ovation when he joined the panel afterward, by the way. And now, here’s the first bunch of reports of new and/or extended scenes:

Iron Man fighting both Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Iron Man throwing Cap, but not seeing Bucky and then getting subsequently punched in the face.

This is probably a misdirection, but Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is apparently the rumored double agent and it sounds like she doublecrosses Cap. She is shown reporting to the government, including General Ross and Tony Stark, before her showdown with Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye.

More of the Black Widow/Hawkeye fight; Natasha looks to be in bad shape after Clint delivers a big blow

Vision fighting both Falcon & Scarlet Witch.

More of the scene where Ant-Man thanks Cap for letting him be a part of the team. This time, Scott apparently pulls a Peggy and touches Steve's pecs to feel how big/firm they are at some point during the conversation.

Daniel Brühl's Baron Zemo makes an appearance.

Steve and Bucky hugging it out.

But the meatiest chunk actually comes from this awesomely detailed trailer run-down from reddit user murdockmanila

Most of your probably know what that trailer looked like but here are my takeaways from viewing it twice. Yes we got to see it twice.

Redwing seriously looks amazing!! The trailer does open with Cap's team in the African Market. Falcon mans a stealthy Redwing making its way under a van filled with explosives. Cap orders the team to attack. Falcon does an super awesome dive from the rooftop he's in and doesn't pull out his wings until landing closely.

We see another van open and Crossbones steps up along with his goons; with the most prominent goon being Ex-Thanos actor Damion Poitier.. Black Widow makes her way to the market in a very cool tracking shot reminiscent of her sequence in IM2 and does her signature leg wrap on Poiter. Falcon also does a pretty cool set of combat moves utilizing his wings.

You know those on set pics of Cap and the crowd screaming at something above them in fear? It's Cap throwing a grenade in the air. Someone fires a grenade at him (I think it's Crossbones) and it latches on to his shield. Cap tosses it in the air before it explodes. As Cap flinches at the air explosion, Crossbones kicks him hard from behind and their fight happens. I didn't notice anything different from the D23 descriptions in this one. Cap dismantles one of Crossbones' gauntlets pretty quickly. Crossbones then pops a blade out of the other gauntlet. Again, Cap beats him up and cracks his helmet. We don't get a good look at Rumlow's burnt face here.

VO by General Ross - looking a lot slimmer since his TIH appearance. Talks about vigilantism. We see a shot of - what looks like - Steve Rogers preventing a helicopter from crashing in slowmo. He pushes it away with one hand as his other hand is against a railing. We see his Avengers team going through a series of control rooms. They are led by Martin Freeman's character. In the blink-and-youll-miss-it moments he had, definitely felt more like a Henry Gyrich than an Everett Ross.

The Ant-Man post credits scene happens. Bucky does remember Steve. He tells him his mother's name and how he used to put newspaper in his shoes - you know D23 stuff. Best part of this scene is how Bucky delivers that line with an expression of relief and pain. Steve does a heartfelt smile. You just know how happy he is to have his bestfriend back.

Quick cuts of what looks like Cap smashing a soldier into a column. Bucky in his red jacket outfit punching other soldiers. Several shots of Crossbone with a different looking mask; this time with a yellow looking visor. These Crossbone shots are intersected with scenes that are set in this building. We get to see that truck flip.. More shots of Crossbones walking down a hall. Lots of flickering lights in what appears to be the control center I mentioned earlier.

One of the more interesting shots in the trailer was Cap and Bucky walking in snow towards a secret looking base in full superhero attire. The shot was barely 2 seconds but man did Bucky & Cap standing side by side in a mission look [frick]ing good. Holy shit that shot of the funeral scene. You see that scene happening - where they're carrying the casket in the aisle - and how beautifully framed it was, expect the tears to flow. Considering how we pretty much know who's funeral that is, Cap carrying the casket makes this scene heartbreaking to watch.

Those Tony Stark lines to Steve about how he wanted to punch him in his perfect teeth? I was expecting it to be during a fight. Those scenes were set in a conference room, probably from the same venue where those control rooms are. We see a helmetless Iron Man open an elevator door with his hands and he has a huge black eye. Another with Tony Stark walking behind General Ross.

Super fast glances at the other heroes. Hawkeye doing Hawkeye stuff with his bow. The Vision pondering as he plays chess in a suit. There's also a super fast shot of Black Panther revealing his claws as he's locking up against Hawkeye's bow.

We then see that infamous airport fight scene thanks to those leaked pics from a few weeks back. The money shot of Cap's team running though the tarmac was unimpressive to be honest. One dude online said it best - "It looked like the scene in Anchorman when all the news teams converged in that alley and fought.". It looked really goofy and awkward. But then again, this is the D23 trailer they cut a month ago. A ton could be added to that scene for some kickass superhero flair.

That end tag with Ant-Man was what you'd expect it to be. The theater went insane just seeing Paul Rudd in the trailer. He's going to be one of the best additions in the movie no doubt. He cops a feel of Steve's pecs.

Seriously, Scott Lang pulling a Peggy Carter and copping a feel of Steve's pecs in a scene remeniscent of the one shown in Captain America: The First Avenger? That's just totally hilarious to me. Everything there sounds pretty cool, too, and I can't wait to see more of the Cap/Bucky bromance we got to see in the first Captain America flick. What do you guys make of these new trailer descriptions? Are you excited for the movie? Which side will you chose?

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, Captain America: Civil War will open in movie theaters on May 6, 2016.

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