Details for next 6 Walking Dead eps tease 'imminent danger,' rival camp

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Oct 25, 2013

The writers behind AMC’s The Walking Dead are notoriously secretive when it comes to future plot lines, but the latest synopses for the next six episodes drop some major hints.

Considering what we’ve seen in the first two episodes of season four, we can safely assume that some of these veiled mentions of “hurdles” and “losses” likely relate to that wicked strain of the flu that is making its way through the prison camp.

But we also get some nifty new details. We now know there’s a supply run coming up (for medicine, perhaps?), along with some mysterious “assorted enemies" set to pop up next month. There’s also, apparently, a new camp that will cause problems for the prison group, which will “threaten peace.” Hmm, color us intrigued.

Check out the breakdown below and let us know what you think is coming:

  • Episode 4.03: "Isolation" (airs 10/27/13): As one group leaves the prison in search for supplies at a local college, those who stay must deal with recent losses while preserving what remains. Written by Robert Kirkman and directed by Dan Sackheim.
  • Episode 4.04: "Indifference" (airs 11/3/13): The supply mission faces hurdles; the situation at the prison worsens.
  • Episode 4.05: "Internment" (airs 11/10/13): Assorted enemies pressure Rick and the group; the survivors and the prison may reach a breaking point.
  • Episode 4.06: "Live Bait" (airs 11/17/13): Group members struggle to find their humanity while being constantly threatened.
  • Episode 4.07: "Dead Weight" (airs 11/24/13): Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison; the addition of new members may threaten peace.
  • Episode 4.08: "Too Far Too Gone" (airs 12/1/13): After things begin to calm at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Do you like the direction of this season?

(Via Dread Central)

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