Details about DC's epic Justice League movie you'll never see

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Everyone's been talking about the big-screen Avengers movie Marvel managed to pull together. But what about that other epic supergroup movie, the one that couldn't get off the ground? An actor who was going to appear in DC's Justice League tells us about the $300 million blockbuster that might have been.

Jay Baruchel, most recently seen in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, explained what "the single most expensive movie in the history of movies" (his words) would have been like:

"I'll just say this, if we had been able to make the movie that we had gone down [to Australia] to rehearse, if you had seen the production art I'd seen ... it would've been the coolest thing ever. It would have been the neatest vision of Batman and the coolest vision of Superman you've ever seen. It would have been dark and fairly brutal and quite gory and just $#%@-ng epic."

Now that you've heard what Baruchel had to say about the movie that would have been directed by George Miller, are you glad the high price tag got the project canceled? Or would you have wanted to see what sounds as if it would have been a Watchmen-like Justice League?

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