Details on Natalie Portman's girl kiss in The Black Swan

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Take Star Wars' Natalie Portman and The Book of Eli's Mila Kunis and put them in the capable hands of The Fountain's director, Darren Aronofsky, and what do you get? A geek's dream girl-on-girl kiss, that's what.

Kunis, speaking with Black Book, is weary of answering questions about the rumored sex scene between the two fanboy icons:

Surely, she understands why the rumor has fans in a tizzy. Kunis' black nail-polished fingers hit the table in a cascade of taps. "Sure," she says, with a roll of her eyes. "It's two girls making out, and guys have a thing for that. And Nat is like every guy's dream. She's a nerd's idea of heaven. The whole thing is silly, but I can see why people care."

Earlier, Kunis told MTV:

"It's a very extreme movie," she answered. "It's like very extreme situations. But it's not explicit in any way."

The Hollywood Reporter describes The Black Swan as "a supernatural thriller set in the world of New York City ballet." It comes out in 2010.

(Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.)

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