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Credit: Lee, Williams, Sinclair (Courtesy of DC)

Comics: Detective Comics #1000 creative teams announced; Marvel wants you to get cozy with Skrulls; IDW bringing back Transformers

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Dec 18, 2018, 8:05 PM EST

The Big Blue Boy Scout got his proper celebrations this year with Action Comics #1000, but 2019 will be the Year of the Bat. Detective Comics #1000 is coming in 2019 for Batman's 80th anniversary, and DC Comics has just announced a Batcave full of history being planned for the landmark issue. 

The super-sized issue will feature new work from almost every major Bat-writer and Bat-artist in the Dark Knight's recent (and less recent) history. It is not just a celebration of the title that introduced the world to the Man Who Falls — it's a celebration of the title from which the DC brand itself was born. 

The collector's item giant issue will include a wraparound cover, featuring art from Jim Lee, inks by Scott Williams, and colors from Alex Sinclair. 


Credit: Lee, Williams, Sinclair (Courtesy of DC)

The issue will include an arc-launching original story from writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke, which will feature a new take on the Arkham Knight, the titular character from the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Tomasi previously wrote the game-based version of this character in the 2015 miniseries Arkham Knight — Genesis. A teaser image can be seen below (from Doug Mahnke and David Baron), where the drone-happy Arkham Knight appears a bit less robotic than he did in the game, and seems to have traded in his limitless supply of tanks for a sword. 


Credit: Mahnke/Baron (Courtesy of DC)

That is far from all that the book will offer — a two-page spread from Jason Fabok will address the current state of the Bat-world, and it will be followed by several original stories honoring the World's Greatest Detective. The writer/artist teams that will be contributing are Kevin Smith and Jim Lee; Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev; Warren Ellis and Becky Cochran; Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen; Christopher Priest and Neal Adams; Geoff Johns and Keeley Jones; Tom King, Tony Daniel, and Joëlle Jones; Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo; James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez; and Denny O'Neil and Steve Epting, who will be writing a sequel to O'Neil's 1976 story There's No Hope in Crime Alley

"Batman is one of the most enduring characters in popular culture, and his debut in Detective Comics represented a pivotal moment in comics and pioneered a new type of superhero that would appeal to every generation," said DC Publisher, Dan DiDio in a statement, adding that the character continues to have a huge impact on entertainment worldwide, and that this 1,000th issue is "a testament to the creative genius of Bob Kane and Bill Finger..." as well as a fitting tribute. 

What would a true celebratory issue be without variant covers, though? All we have to say to that is, "Holy incoming variant covers, Batman!" By that we mean that a bunch of great ones have been released. Iconic artists like Steve Rude, Michael Cho, Jim Steranko, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Miller, Tim Sale, Jock, Greg Capullo, and Bruce Timm (doing an homage to 1942's Detective Comics #69 cover by Jerry Robinson) are all producing variants. 

Here's a look at Timm's homage variant, followed by Miller's The Dark Knight Returns-style cover. 


Credit: Bruce Timm (Courtesy of DC)


Credit: Frank Miller (Courtesy of DC)

The 96-page volume will be available physically and digitally on March 27, 2019. 

The sinister Skrulls aren't just going to be making their big-screen debut in Captain Marvel next year— Marvel Comics is giving them a comics series all their own. It will be called Meet the Skrulls, written by Robbie Thompson, with artwork by Niko Henrichon. Marcos Martin will handle the cover art for the first two issues. 

The story involves the seemingly ordinary Warner family, who are actually a group of the shapeshifting Skrulls planning to infiltrate out society. "Seeing the Warners at home, living a domestic life — it's definitely a side of Skrulls previously unseen in the Marvel Universe," said Thompson in a statement.

We'll get to see what Skrulls get up to when they aren't trying to take over the universe. Thompson noted that because they are outsiders trying to blend in, they "hold up a mirror to who we are today." In studying mankind, the Warners will reflect mankind, both the good and the bad. 

As for whether or not we'll see other famous Marvel characters in the series, Thompson said we definitely will: "Carl Warner, the family patriarch, works for one Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, who makes an appearance in the first issue." And there are other appearances planned for future issues. 

Take a look at the covers for issues #1 and #2, both by Marcos Martin: 


Credit: Marcos Martin (Courtesy of Marvel)


Credit: Marcos Martin (Courtesy of Marvel)

Meet the Skrulls #1 will hit the stands this March. 

To top things off today, IDW has announced they are officially relaunching the Transformers for a new comics series. The new title will take a look at the planet Cybertron in its prime (sorry) as its "downward spiral into chaos" begins. The series will be available twice monthly, and will be written by Brian Ruckley, with artwork by Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph. 

The new story will explore the planet in ways audiences have never seen before, through the eyes of Bumblebee and his friends. In a statement, Ruckley said that bringing this new story to fans is a privilege, but also, "an amazing opportunity for new readers to discover and explore one of the biggest universes — and one of the best casts of characters — that science fiction has to offer, and to get in right at the start of a truly epic saga." 

The first issue will feature multiple variant covers, including contributions from the team of Casey Coller and Josh Burcham, as well as Gabriel Rodriguez. Both of those variants can be seen below. 



Credit: Casey Coller and Josh Burcham (Courtesy of IDW)

TransformersGabriel RodriguezVariant

Credit: Gabriel Rodriguez (Courtesy of IDW)

The new series, which will undoubtedly be more than meets the eye, will be transforming shelves in March of 2019.