Detective Comics #945 exclusive preview: Is Batman losing his team? Writer James T. Tynion IV weighs in!

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

“The Victim Syndicate” part three! Batman is trying his best to hold his team together, but Spoiler might have every reason to walk out the door …and others might follow!

That's the official word for Detective Comics #945, which is available this Wednesday, Nov. 23. But what's really the deal in Gotham City as Bats and his team face off against the new villains, The Victim Syndicate? In addition to an exclusive reveal of the following pages from the upcoming book, writer James T. Tynion IV chatted with us to break down what readers can expect, and tease what's ahead. 

Set up the action in this issue, and why it's one to pick up.

James T. Tynion IV: We're in the midst of The Victim Syndicate, and the titular villains have just told Gotham City that if Batman doesn't unmask and pledge to stop being Batman, they are going to start killing the people who help him operate in Gotham City. The Victim Syndicate is made up of people whose lives were destroyed in the crossfire between Batman and his greatest foes, led by The First Victim, who claims to be the first innocent whose life was destroyed by Batman's war on Crime. The last issue ended with the First Victim paying a visit to Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler, who is still reeling from the apparent death of Red Robin.

What is your favorite panel/page/line in this issue?

Tynion: There's a character who we haven't seen in action since the first issue of my run who dives back into the fray this issue in a big way, making way for him to be a core cast member of the series moving forward. Very excited.

Tease how this might set up the next issue. 

Not only are we diving into the big final battle between the Bat-Team and the Victim Syndicate, we're also seeing the evolution of Spoiler's entire thinking about whether she agrees with Batman's methods or not. Stephanie Brown has a huge arc over the course of my run on Detective Comics, and this is the arc that puts that all in motion.

So, what do you think? Check out the preview below, and if you're going batty over the book, pick it up on Wednesday. The issue also features art by Carmen Carnero and Al Barrionuevo, cover art by Raúl Fernández and Alvaro Martinez, and a variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque.