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Detective Pikachu's trailer, scenes reveal a furry, Deadpool-esque take on Pokémon

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Nov 12, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

Between a short spoken line in Pokémon: I Choose You! and two different actors for the Japanese and English versions of Detective Pikachu on 3DS, our favorite yellow friend has had a number of people help him voice his name. Nothing, however, will compare to what you'll witness with Ryan Reynolds' depiction of the electric mouse in the upcoming movie adaptation of the recent game.

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu showcasing Ryan Reynolds' voice and gritty Pokémon designs debuted earlier today, bringing with it the first meeting between protagonist Tim Goodman, played by Justice Smith from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and the titular Detective Pikachu.

"You can understand me?" Reynolds squeals as Pikachu, "I've been so lonely!"

Reynold's familiar voice makes the performance feel like Deadpool-for-everyone, with his usual antics dominating the screen and the energy of the trailer (he's no Danny DeVito, though). The first-look trailer also presented Charizard, Greninja, Growlithe, and other Pokémon in hyper-realistic form. Things like fur, scales, and Genjina's scarf-tongue all look surprisingly great — check out models that were used in the movie in the gallery below, which were on display at a recent event put on by Warner Bros.

The combination of humor and gritty realism, alongside some iffy acting, is a completely new take on Pokémon. Its great to see The Pokémon Company allowing its property to evolve, as it's clear this will have a very different tone than any other piece of Pokémon media.

SYFY WIRE previewed a couple of short scenes from the movie at a special screening last week, they featured a longer look at the dynamic between Reynolds' and Smith. Like the trailer, the two scenes were dominated by Reynolds' quips. Take, for instance, this illuminating exchange:

"Smell my finger," Detective Pikachu said.

"I will never do that," Goodman replied.


We didn't learn much we didn't already know from the two clips. Goodman teamed up with Detective Pikachu to help find his missing father, who was believed to be dead. In the clip, Pikachu tried to convince Goodman that his father, who Pikachu knew somehow, was still alive.

While most of the computer animation was incomplete in the clip, we did get to see a funny Ludicolo bartender and some good physical comedy, think Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Pikachu's tail flailing around everywhere, between Pikachu and Goodman. Although, despite the stellar comedy, nothing else of substance was shown off.

While we didn't see much from Bill Nighy or Ken Watanabe, the setting itself felt a lot like a Pokémon game or show, despite the lack of Poké Balls and battles. Little callbacks like Jigglypuff drawing on a someones face, a classic joke from the show, led to more laughs on top of Reynold's quick one-liners.

We still have a ways to go before the movie's release in 2019, even if Legendary confirmed that a rough cut was done. Right now, it seems like the biggest question mark is if these hyperrealistic Pokémon designs will work in a full-length feature and not just in short bursts. We're excited to find out.