Deutsch, noch einmal

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Feb 8, 2006

I was going to leave Deutsch alone for a whole, but my ego needs the occasional boost: Reuters writer Debbie Zabarenko wrote an article summarizing the affair, and she quotes me (she asked for my opinion via email). She gives full credit, of course, to the NYT and to Science Activist blogger Nick Anthis, because they did the work here. I mention this because some of the comments on previous threads are giving me more credit than I deserve: I neither originated this story, nor did I break anything new. Andrew Revkin started this, and Nick Anthis drove in that final nail about Deutsch's resume. I just shouted publicly when I found out. :-)

This story is not done, folks. There is a culture of scientific suppression underway, and a number of people are devoted to making sure everyone knows about it. Jim Hansen, the scientist whose work on global warming was routinely stifled by Deutsch, is giving a talk/press conference on Friday. I may not get to see it live, but I'll try to see the archived version, and I'll comment on it when I do.

Update added 21:30 Pacific time: The Washington Post is running a dynamite editorial about this.

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