Developer making epic Star Wars game (but only if Disney approves)

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Feb 11, 2013, 10:20 AM EST (Updated)

Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm is a good thing for fans waiting more Star Wars films, but when it comes to other media, things get a lot more confusing. Take this example: A proven developer wants to make a seemingly awesome Star Wars game—but it’s all on hold until they can get the Mouse House’s approval.

Obsidian Entertainment, the guys behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, have been sketching out a new Star Wars game that sounds like it could be a great companion piece to the Blade Runner-ish Star Wars 1313.

The proposed game would be set between the two existing trilogies, filling in some of the interesting history that was glossed over in the films. From the details that Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart gave Rock Paper Shotgun, it sounds like this could be a pretty epic RPG:

“There’s a lot of different eras in Star Wars, and that’s what we would focus on. We pitched a between-Episode III and Episode IV game [to LucasArts]. Because we think that timeframe is super interesting. It’s the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK. You have the Sith, but you have the extermination of all Force users except for very, very few.

So it was an interesting time to set a game, and you know, Chris Avellone came up with a really cool story. We also latched onto it because it has elements people remember, but not the stories. It can just completely not involve [the movies]. It can tease them, but nothing else.”

Not a bad plan, and it seems the game is set far enough outside the existing film canon that it probably wouldn’t muck with Disney’s planned sequel trilogy. The folks at LucasArts seemed high on it, but that was before the purchase. The new Star Wars master plan will obviously complicate matters, and Urquhart said his next step is to get a meeting with Disney to see if they’ll even consider letting them move forward:

“It’s something we’re still hoping for, even with the Disney/Lucas stuff going on. It changes things a lot, but you know, we’re gonna push on it. I would say it’s within the top three pitches we’ve ever come up with. We really worked on it hard and distilled it down to these eight or ten pages that really sold the story and characters. Then we sold it off to LucasArts and got a call back later that day. They were like, ‘This seems really cool. We want to talk to you guys, like, tomorrow about it.’”

“We haven’t [talked with Disney yet]. We’re kind of waiting for the smoke to clear. But that’s one of my next big things to do. To kind of go over there and [get the ball rolling again].”

Knights of the Old Republic II was a solid entry into the Star Wars canon, and the Fallout series is beloved by gamers. It’d definitely be interesting to see what Obsidian could do with the premise, so here’s hoping they’ll get a chance. Disney has already said they want to focus more on the mobile/social platforms, but maybe they won’t completely turn their backs on PCs and consoles.

Do you think Disney will give this project a green light? Should they?

(Via Rock Paper Shotgun)