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Development: Bee and PuppyCat lands series; The Boy scares up sequel; Night Of The Comet floats remake

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Oct 23, 2018, 2:54 PM EDT

Today’s development news involves plenty of old properties finding new lives, homes, or spins. We’ve got horror reboots, terribly cute animation, and scarifying sequels. But let’s start off light.

According to a release, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space will debut on VRV within the Cartoon Hangover Select channel next year. The cartoon will give the two Natasha Allegri (Adventure Time) creations half hour episodes to dink around and solve problems both interstellar and completely earthbound. After a viral video and a smash Kickstarter campaign, Bee and PuppyCat is taking on the new series from Frederator Studios and OLM, Inc. with Allegri as showrunner.

The show released new footage and a logo for the upcoming show that looks like the characters fans know already, just with the hi-def artistry that time and money can afford.

Check it out:

Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space will premiere in 2019.

Next up: a remake. According to Deadline, Orion Pictures is giving cult hit Night Of The Comet, a 1984 blend of genres with plenty of comedy, a new take. Horror pro and multi-hyphenate Roxanne Benjamin will write the script for the new take on the sisters vs. zombies original, leaning the film a bit more on the serious side in keeping with her V/H/S and Southbound bonafides.

In less cultish news, a release announced that STXfilms has greenlit a sequel to 2016’s The Boy. The Boy 2 will star Katie Holmes under returning director William Brent Bell and screenwriter Stacey Menear. The horror film blurred the lines between nightmare and reality as a nanny slowly grew to believe her ward was actually a magical doll come to life. Yikes. The follow-up will see Holmes as the matriarch of a family whose son makes friends with a doll that’s far too close to real. Brahms is definitely evil. Like definitely. Production for The Boy 2 is scheduled to start in Jan. of next year. 

Finally, The Passage - Fox's vampire virus drama - announced its premiere date of Jan. 14.