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Development: Disney Parks launches an Avengers Initiative; The Hyperions builds ranks; more

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Dec 10, 2018, 5:03 PM EST

With Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the Marvel side of the Mouse House could be in danger of being overlooked. Worry no longer— today Disney is announcing major new plans for Marvel-based additions to parks around the globe, and they are most suitably calling it a "global Avengers Initiative." 

The Disney Parks Blog reported today on the expansions, starting off with a riff of Nick Fury's now famous speech from the first Avengers film— "There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. It was called the Avengers Initiative." The announcement goes further than Fury did, into more theme-park based territory— "That original idea has now evolved into a brand-new global Avengers Initiative. One that brings us—the next generation of remarkable people—together. To find our power and become something more. To see if we can work alongside the Avengers so we may all become stronger together." 

What exactly does this mean? It means that the Avengers (and other characters from the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe) will have an even greater presence in Disney Parks— and by that, we mean pretty much every Disney park. 

The meta narrative uses the Stark Expo ("A Better Tomorrow Today") from Iron Man 2, which is featured at Hong Kong Disneyland. Soon after it opened, they say it was attacked by HYDRA, so the Avengers are now setting up new outposts to combat these threats. Tony Stark, Hank Pym, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Masters of the Mystic Arts are all getting in on the action— Disney wants guests to get in on it too. Their intention is for visitors to "take on an active role alongside these Super Heroes." 

The "Iron Man Experience" is already being featured at Hong Kong Disneyland, where guests have the privilege of fighting HYDRA. In March 2019, the same park will play host to a new Ant-Man and the Wasp based attraction, called "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle!" where guests can fight alongside the titular heroes against Arnim Zola and "his army of evil HYDRA swarm-bots." 

Disney California Adventure already hosts "Guardians of the Galaxy— Mission: BREAKOUT!" and it will soon get an addition of the mystical variety. Guests to both that park and Disneyland Paris will be able to encounter the magic of Doctor Strange, and will also be able to partake in the adventures of Spider-Man. All of the MCU heroes will be populating the parks, as "Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Captain America and more leap into action on a moment’s notice."

Deadline reports today that Lionsgate has almost acquired a spec script from Anthony Jaswinski— it is called The French Quarter Will Not Be Spared, and is vampire-based. It would be a co-productions between Kenja Barris' Khalaco Ink Society and the Picture Company. 

Jaswinski is currently known for writing the hit shark film The Shallows, which featured Blake Lively, and...sharks. The story of this new film is not known at the present time, but Deadline reports that it is said to be "a new take on the vampire genre set in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina." Their aim is to make it as socially relevant as certain recent horror films, such as Get Out

Finally today, The Hollywood Reporter writes that the new superhero film, The Hyperions, written and directed by Jon McDonald, is continuing to go through the casting process. Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) has just been added to it's ranks. 


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The independent super-drama involves a professor in 1960 who invents something called "the Titan badge," which has the ability to give superpowers to humans. He uses it to create "an unusual family of superheroes who rise to fame and prestige." The good times don't last forever, though— soon enough it's 1979 and two of the original heroes are desperate to get their badges back. The movie is set to begin shooting in early 2019. 

Though Elwes is best known for The Princess Bride, he has no shortage of other credits— they include Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Saw, Cradle Will Rock, and Twister