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Development: Netflix develops Harvey; The Code casts leads; Battlestar Galactica lands writer

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Dec 19, 2018, 1:11 PM EST

Lots of upcoming films have found writers, stars, or all of the above recently — which means that audiences can get excited without even needing to mark anything down on their calendars. Fans that have been rewatching Battlestar Galactica along with SYFY WIRE’s podcast doing deep dives on the show might be primed for even more Cylons and political intrigue. If so, then news about an upcoming adaptation — there’s always another Battlestar Galactica adaptation on its way — might be just what the doctor ordered for the BSG fandom.

According to The Wrap, The Girl in the Spider’s Web screenwriter Jay Basu is tackling yet another version of Battlestar Galactica — with this version aiming for the big screen. Universal Pictures has been working on this with Westworld’s Lisa Joy and The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence, with Basu coming in to take on the new draft. Basu is no stranger to adaptation or more fantastical fare, as he’s worked on the upcoming version of Charlie’s Angels and a sequel to the David Bowie bonanza that is Labyrinth. No word on when the sci-fi film will begin production.

Next, another movie about a future where humans are definitely doing just fine. Peachy, even. According to Deadline, sci-fi film The Code has cast its leads and is currently filming. Writer/director Tony Aloupis’ movie is about a future where humans have found tranquility and utopia through a specific genetic modification (the titular code)...well, except for the group of rebels. These rebels, fighting against this version of humanity that’s immortal with a hefty cost, are played by Nash Grier, Nia Sioux, Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio, and Nina Kiri.

Also from Deadline is news about big bunny dramedy Harvey. The original Jimmy Stewart film — about a man with a huge, possibly-imaginary, Donnie Darko-like rabbit friend — has been adapted many times for TV, but most recently has been in turmoil with Steven Spielberg. Now a new contender has entered the ring: Netflix. Shrek 2 writers J. David Stem and David N. Weiss are set to adapt the movie for the streaming service.

While the pair have written live-action before, it’s not hard to imagine the film becoming an animated hit — or at least a film with a healthy mixture of actors and whatever animated effects are necessary to make a 6’3” rabbit fit into the world. But Netflix has attempted weirder, so fans will simply have to wait and see.