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Development: Peter Dinklage adapting post-apocalyptic graphic novel; Stephen King book film treatment

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Feb 8, 2019, 2:32 PM EST

First up in this latest development roundup, Tyrion Lannister is teaming up with the director of Dawn of The Planet of The Apes to adapt Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith’s post-apocalyptic graphic novel Last Sons of America into a feature film. Per Deadline, which first broke the news, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, Netflix, Matt Reeves and Boom! Studios are teaming up to bring the adaptation to life. 

Set in a future where Americans can no longer conceive and children have become a global commodity, Last Sons of America follows two adoption agent brothers (one of them to be played by Dinklage) as they land deals with families willing to give up their children in the hopes of a better life in America. When the brothers find themselves with their backs against the wall, the brother apparently not played by Dinklage makes a grave error that sends the two brothers down a dangerous path involving a dark mystery.

Josh Mond is adapting and will direct.

Stephen King

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Next up, man, we really aren’t hurting for any big- or small-screen adaptations of Stephen King books, are we? While we await the adaptations of Pet Sematary and IT: Chapter Two (along with many others), Deadline has revealed that Alistair Legrand (Clinical) is set to direct the supernatural horror thriller Mile 81 based on King’s 2011 novella of the same name.

In Mile 81, a 12-year-old boy, his brother and a group of strangers are trapped at an abandoned, boarded-up rest stop as a mysterious and malevolent force hunts them. 

Casting discussions are underway, with production set to begin this fall.

Is Terry Moore working on a pilot adapting his Motor Girl comic for Hulu? According to various reports, citing a tweet from Moore himself, yes.  

Moore (Strangers in Paradise) wrote on Twitter on Thursday: “Thanks! Today I am working on the pilot script for the Motor Girl series on Hulu.” However, that tweet has since been deleted.  

(The “Thanks,” by the way, is in response to a tweet from PanelXPanelmagazine editor Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou saying: “Little reminder that Motor Girl was an excellent series by @TerryMooreArt that should definitely have read already..”)

A representative from Hulu told SYFY WIRE they were unable to provide any information at this moment. Moore could not be immediately reached for comment as of this writing. 

Motor Girl follows Sam Lockyear, an Iraq War vet with post-traumatic stress disorder. While adjusting to civilian life in the American Southwest as an auto mechanic, Sam converses with her imaginary friend, an enormous gorilla name Mike. The story kicks into gear when Sam and Mike learn that the scrapyard where Sam works at may be sold, which leads to the arrival of aliens (which Sam initially dismisses as PTSD-inspired hallucinations).

Moore created, wrote and illustrated the comic book series, which ran for 10 issues beginning November 2016 and concluding November 2017. 

And finally, Deadline also broke the news that Assemble Media has acquired "Potosi," a 10,000-word sci-fi short story written by Joe Pitkin and published by Analog Science Fiction & Fact Magazine. Djochoua Belovarski (Netflix's Lost in Space) will direct.

Set in a near-future where resources are scarce and corporations and countries compete for them, Potosi follows an astronaut named Solomon who reluctantly leads a secret mission to secure a platinum-rich asteroid before any rival countries can get to it. However, Solomon soon realizes that a rival faction has already reached the asteroid. It also doesn’t help that there’s a dangerous traitor on his own team.