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Development roundup: 'BLACK' comic coming to the big screen, Netflix revs up Fast & Furious animated series

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Apr 23, 2018, 5:36 PM EDT

Studio 8 is getting in on the comic book game by developing a film adaptation of the 2016 comic book series BLACK by writer Kwanza Osajyefo, reports Deadline. The books are set in a universe where only black people have superpowers, and a young man, Kareem Jenkins, only discovers this after he survives being shot by the police.

Currently, there are six issues (or "Chapters") of BLACK and one spin-off book, BLACK [AF], which expanded the mythos with the introduction of 15-year-old Eli Franklin. Seith Mann, a prolific director on shows like The Walking Dead, DexterFringe, and Heroes, has been hired by Studio 8 to adapt the comic, which it hopes to turn into a potential franchise. With movies like Black Panther, which broke $1 billion worldwide, as well as the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spike Lee's possible Nightwatch, comic-book films are becoming much more diverse as they explore complex issues about race and culture.


On the streaming side of things, Netflix is kicking things into high gear with an animated show based on the incredibly successful Fast & Furious franchise, the company announced today. The project is part of Netflix's partnership with DreamWorks Animation Television, which produces several children's shows for the streaming titan like DreamWorks Dragons, Trollhunters, Dawn of the CroodsThe Adventures of Puss in BootsVoltron: Legendary Defender, and more. 

“The Fast & Furious franchise is a global phenomenon beloved by audiences of all ages, and we can’t wait to get started on the new animated series that will capture the action, heart, humor and global appeal of the feature films,” said Melissa Cobb, Vice President of Kids and Family, in a statement.

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Tony Toretto, teenage cousin of Dominic (Vin Diesel in the live-action films) will be the focus of the animated series, as he's recruited by a government agency to infiltrate a racing league that's actually a front for a criminal syndicate hell-bent on taking over the world. Good to know that they won't be abandoning the characteristic kookiness that the movies are known for.  


Someone get Dwayne Johnson on the phone because Universal is working on another cinematic adaptation of Doom. News of the project first surfaced from actress and singer Nina Bergman, who posted on Twitter that she was starring in a remake, which would be shooting in Bulgaria. Speaking to Variety, an NBCUniversal spokesperson confirmed that the film is the responsibility of Universal 1440, the branch of the studio that deals with non-theatrical properties (and spurring speculation that the film may be direct-to-video or debut on a streaming service)

The last Doom movie was released in 2005 from Polish filmmaker Andrzej Bartkowiak and starred The Rock, Rosamund Pike, and Karl Urban. It could not break the video game curse, received abysmal reviews, made back $4 million less than its budget of $60 million, and currently holds a lackluster 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Johnson poked fun at it recently on social media when commenting that his latest film in theaters, Rampage, broke the negative streak of video games turned into movies. 

"I starred in the stinker Doom so I have lived thy curse," wrote the actor on Twitter.

The official Doom account's response was simple, yet so perfect: "Dwayne."