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Development: Runaways podcast incoming, Future Man teases new season, Aggretsuko’s Christmas special

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Dec 12, 2018

Now that things are getting truly interesting for the kids of Marvel’s Runaways, the show’s soon-to-debut second season will arrive with a bonus: a new aftershow podcast to break down all the on-screen action, as well as delve behind the scenes.

Hosted by Lorraine Cink (Earth’s Mightiest Show) and Angélique Roché (Marvel’s Voices podcast - and the host of SYFY WIRE's very own Geeksplain Amazon Alexa show), the Marvel After Show podcast is the first of its kind for Marvel Television, and promises a deep dive with the Runaways cast and creative team (including co-showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage).

There’ll be plenty to talk about. Season 1 of Runaways ended just as things were taking a major turn, with the kids finally making the dramatic decision to jettison their posh Brentwood lives, as well as their morally compromised, PRIDE-corrupted parents. As Season 2 kicks off, the gang will finally have to learn to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Los Angeles, scrambling for food, shelter, and the independence they’ll need to take down PRIDE once and for all.

Runaways returns to Hulu on Dec. 21, with the podcast debuting immediately after the Season 2 premiere. You can download the podcast via Marvel’s landing page, as well as podcast platforms for Apple, Stitcher, and the Your Favorite Podcast app.

Hulu also is gearing up to welcome Josh, Wolf, and Tiger back for the second season of Future Man, the Seth Rogen-executive-produced time-traveling comedy whose debut season proved — beyond a shadow of a doubt — its gleeful eagerness to go absolutely anywhere for a laugh.

Hulu unveiled an extended preview trailer for Season 2 this week, showing off hilarious sides to our heroes that we definitely didn’t get to glimpse in their first outing. Stuck in a new, alternate timeline, the gang discovers that all their Season 1 efforts to find a cure for Dr. Kronish’s fate-changing malady ended in total failure. Now they’re each on separate tracks, and it’ll take a small miracle to get them back together — and back to the task of saving humanity.

Starring Josh Hutcherson (Josh Futturman), Eliza Coupe (Tiger), Derek Wilson (Wolf), and Haley Joel Osment (Stu), and featuring a string of upcoming cameos from Rogen himself, Season 2 of Future Man premieres Jan. 11 on Hulu.

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Nothing says Christmas like a death-metal-loving, karaoke-screaming red panda with a dead-end job and a millennial’s obsession with social media. That’s probably why Netflix has decided that Retsuko, the mascot of the cult favorite Aggretsuko animated series, would be a great fit for a one-off Christmas special.

Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal Christmas will follow Retsuko’s misadventures after she discovers the pictures she posted on her social media account are coming back to haunt her for the holidays. Netflix is describing the standalone project as a “Christmas gift to fans” who’re patiently waiting for the series’ second season, which hasn’t been given a firm release date other than an assurance that it’ll arrive sometime next year.

At least Retsuko’s Christmas party won’t be light on rock-and-roll street cred. Netflix says the special will feature “a punk cover of ‘Jingle Bells’ performed by [Rancid frontman] Tim Timebomb and the Interrupters.”

Look for Retsuko to add some kick to your holiday plans beginning Dec. 20, when Aggretsuko: We Wish You A Metal Christmas arrives on Netflix.

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