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Development: Ryan Reynolds returning to horror as producer; female-led zombie flick re-animates at Juno Films; more

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Dec 6, 2018, 1:56 PM EST (Updated)

Deadpool's getting a little spooky as a producer, the zombie genre gets another twist, and a LEGO sequel is in the works. What's that, you say? "Get to the development roundup already"? Well, sure thing, partner!

Ryan Reynolds is getting back into the horror game for the first time since 2014's The Voices. According to Variety, the Deadpool superstar is producing The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine alongside 20th Century Fox, New Regency, and Vertigo Entertainment. 

The film will be based on Jasper DeWitt 's novella of the same, which originally made its debut on the "No Sleep" subreddit. DeWitt's main character is a young and naive doctor insistent on helping cure a tough patient. In 2016, DeWitt published a sequel/update entitled Something Went Horribly Wrong With My Wife's Pregnancy.

Reynolds' horror pedigree also includes the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, 2007's The Nines, and 2010's Buried. No actors or director have been hired for The Patient just yet. 

Our next update takes us back to Variety, which has informed the world that the U.S. distribution rights to the German and female-led zombie movie, Ever After, have been acquired by Juno Films.

Described as "a feminist zombie apocalypse road movie," the film will receive a limited theatrical release in New York in 2019. After that, it'll extend to more theaters and drop on digital platforms. The project first screened at the Toronto Film Festival in September as part of the event's "Discovery" lineup. It will also be shown at the Göteborg Festival in Sweden and Ventana Sur (a sort of movie marketing convention) in Buenos Aires. 

Based on the 2011 graphic novel by Olivia Vieweg and directed by Caroline Hellsgard (Wanja), Ever After follows two young women, the timid Vivi (Gro Swantje Kohñhof), and the zombie-slashing Eva (Maja Lenhrer), who are on a journey to Jena, Germany, a city allegedly unaffected by the undead blight. 

“The apocalypse is not the end, but the beginning of something new and exciting. It is a chance for a different kind of co-existence, with nature and with ourselves. It is the only way out,” Hellsgard told Variety

Our last bit of news revolves around the sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie. During a recent interaction with a fan on Twitter, the film's director, Chris McKay, wrote:

"We are working on that rn actually! In the meantime LEGO Batman is all over LEGO 2 coming in February."

McKay was recently announced as the director of a live-action Johnny Quest movie. 

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part opens in theaters February 8.