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Development: Shining sequel wraps production; Black Mirror Season 5 premiere revealed?; more

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Dec 3, 2018, 10:58 AM EST

For our latest roundup of genre development news, we've got updates that involve Stephen King, Bad Robot, and the upcoming fifth season of Netflix's Black Mirror. Continue on for a collection of thrills, adventure, and shocking reveals, each more surprising than the last!

The film adaptation of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep, a follow-up to The Shining, has wrapped up production. Director Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) confirmed this via Facebook, writing:

"So that's a wrap on DOCTOR SLEEP! It's been a long, crazy, truly unique experience. I read the novel as soon as it came out back in 2013, fascinated and moved by the epic story of Dan Torrance and Abra Stone, but I never imagined for a moment that I'd be the person to bring it to the big screen. It's been an honor to spend the last five months with this fantastic cast and crew, and to be trusted with Stephen King's extraordinary story. One of the highlights of my career, without a doubt.

Shine on, everyone. Shine on."

Doctor Sleep follows an adult Danny Torrance, who is mentally and emotionally scarred from his year spent at the Overlook Hotel. Trying to overcome the history of his father's drinking and violent tendencies, he works at a nursing home, using his psychic "shining" abilities to make the patients more comfortable.

While the movie will act more as a sequel to The Shining novel than the 1980 adaptation (which King hates), Flanagan has promised some callbacks to the iconic Kubrick classic.

The film axes into theaters on January 24, 2020.

Up next comes the possible reveal of the premiere date for Season 5 of Black Mirror on Netflix.

According to a report from the Daily Mirror (later picked up by Forbes and EW), Netflix's genre-based Twitter account, @NXOnNetflix, posted a December schedule lineup, which included the Season 5 episode titled "Bandersnatch" arriving Dec. 28.

This raises more uncertainties, like the possibility that all of Season 5 won't drop at the same time. However, the 28th makes sense, as Season 4 premiered on Dec. 29 (aka the last Friday of the month) of last year.

The name of "Bandersnatch" could either be a reference to a creature mentioned in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass or an ill-fated ZX Spectrum computer game from 1984 that was never released, although teaser ads were printed. The episode is expected to be set in 1984, with some speculation that it will follow the interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" format announced back in October.

When it comes to Bad Robot, one of J.J. Abrams' right-hand people is leaving for greener pastures as a producer in Amazon Studios' TV division. Per Deadline, Lindsey Weber, head of films for Bad Robot, is parting with the production company after 10 years.

During her time with Abrams and company, Weber was involved in a number of high-profile productions, such as Star Trek Beyond, Overlord, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Cloverfield Paradox.

“Lindsey Weber is the personification or raw talent, brilliantly hard work and tireless dedication,” Abrams told Deadline. “Being in the creative trenches with her for over a decade has felt less like work and more like fun. I am so looking forward to see what she creates next and will be cheering for her every inevitable success.”

Fourthly, reports have been surfacing that Netflix is looking to set up a permanent production presence at Pinewood Studios in England, the legendary shooting locations for movies like Star Wars, James BondAlien, and Aliens

Based on the report from Variety (taken from The Financial Times), the streaming giant wants to undertake a "long lease" at Pinewood, where it can shoot its original shows and movies.

Neither Netflix nor Pinewood commented on the initial report.

Lastly, Sony's film adaptation of Fantasy Island has landed a release date of February 28, 2020, Variety confirms.

Based on the long-running TV series of the same name, the movie (directed and co-written by Truth or Dare's Jeff Wadlow) will tell the story of a msyterious island run by the enigmatic Mr. Roarke, who can grant anyone's deepest wishes for a certain (and usually ironic) price. 

Michael Pena will play Mr. Roarke, while Lucy Hale (Truth or Dare), Jimmy O. Yang (Crazy Rich Asians), Portia Doubelday (Her), Maggie Q (Designated Survivor), and Ryan Hansen (Fresh Off the Boat) portray guests visiting the island.