Development: The 4400 reboot at The CW; Sony nabs Anna Kendrick's Stowaway; Shazam reshoots

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

As the lull between Halloween and Thanksgiving leaves the horror genre exhausted and the awards-hunting prestige pictures ramping up their marketing, many studios are taking the time to acquire new genre projects or shore up those already in production. That’s the case today, with a new show and movie finding homes while a superhero film enters the final lap of production.

First up is that new show...which actually isn’t completely new. The 4400 is being developed by The CW, according to Variety. The show would reboot the USA sci-fi project with the help of some of the original’s creatives — specifically Craig Sweeny, who was a writer and supervising producer on the show. He’s joining showrunner Taylor Elmore as a co-writer for the pilot, which will tackle the unexplained disappearance and reappearance of 4,400 adults “in their reproductive prime” a la Manifest.

Nobody’s aged, nobody remembers anything, and it’s all pretty weird. Some people have been gone as long as 1957, showing up to cope in a 2019 world. The show ran for four seasons on USA, ending in 2007, with the new version of the show updating its scope for the modern world if it makes it past the pilot stage.

Next is Shazam!, which star Zachary Levi confirmed on Instagram is entering reshoots. In a post mostly focused on getting out the vote, Levi said that he’s out there doing additional photography for the DCEU superhero flick.

Check it out:

The film is set to release on April 5 of next year.

Finally, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has signed an international deal for the Anna Kendrick film Stowaway, in which the star fights against her spaceship crew’s decision to deal with an accidental interloper. According to Deadline, Sony has acquired the rights to the film for UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and some of Asia.

The film has yet to shoot, aiming to begin production under writer-director Joe Penna and writer Ryan Morrison in the spring of 2019. This would be Penna’s second feature after his debut Arctic premiered earlier this year.