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Development: The Last Ship will dock for good; CW not looking to save Lucifer

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Feb 12, 2020, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

Development news today seems more like a case of things un-developing, but we will soldier forward anyway. One show is ending for good, and another already-canceled show is still looking for a new home. 

TNT's The Last Ship will end after it's upcoming fifth season, according to The Wrap. The news about the show laying anchor for good was revealed by Turner chief Kevin Reilly during TNT's upfronts presentation. 

The show stars Eric Dane as Captain Tom Chandler, who leads the crew of the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James through a global catastrophe that has threatened the world's population. Aside from Dane, the show also stars Adam Baldwin (Firefly), Bridget Regan, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neiting, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, Bren Foster, and Kevin Michael Martin. 

Based on a novel by William Brinkley, the approaching fifth season was shot back to back with the show's fourth season. It seems that Reilly was unsure of whether or not the news was out there about the fifth season being the final one; when asked if that was the case, he responded with, "Yea I think we've announced that, haven't we?" When told that it had not actually been confirmed, Reilly said, “Oh, well now we did.”

(via The Wrap)

The campaign to save Lucifer will have to continue, as Deadline is reporting that The CW is not currently looking to save the show. 

An unfortunate casualty of the recent bloodbath of cancellations at Fox, Lucifer fans have launched the #SaveLucifer campaign, hoping that another network may pick up the series. The CW seemed like a sensible place for the show to surface — it's the home of the Arrowverse, which includes almost all of the televised material based on the properties of DC Comics. Lucifer's comic roots are set in DC's Vertigo imprint, so it would have been a natural fit. 

Sadly, it's not to be. "We have not had conversations, there have been no discussions. We have been focused on our own development, we are happy with what we have," said The CW president, Mark Pedowitz, during an upfronts press call. 

Just because The CW isn't looking now, that doesn't necessarily mean they never will. The network has a history of rescuing stranded comic book properties, including Supergirl (which switched over from CBS) and Black Lightning, which was developed but not ordered to pilot by Fox. While The CW did not rescue Constantine after it was canceled by NBC, the character of John Constantine (still played by Matt Ryan) has come over to the network, first as a guest on Arrow, and then DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan's John Constantine is set to join the latter show as a regular next season

Lucifer Morningstar might be in trouble, but he's not done for just yet. The show (which features Tom Ellis as Lucifer, tired of Hell and taking a respite in L.A.) still has other avenues to pursue. Hulu could possibly be a good bet — the streaming giant already owns the SVOD rights to the show. The fight to save Lucifer continues, though the CW has likely taken away the opportunity to potentially have the show crossover with the Arrowverse shows. We'd sell our souls to see Ellis' Lucifer share a scene with Ryan's Constantine — though they didn't interact in it, both characters appear in Neil Gaiman's epic Sandman series. 

Speaking of Sandman — if they ever get the long-rumored television adaptation of that comic book epic going, here's hoping that they'll not only include Ryan's Constantine, but Ellis' Lucifer. At this point it would be weird to see anyone but Ellis play him, which is the same thing that happened with Ryan's master of the occult. Perhaps history will close a Lucifer, but open a Sandman... stranger things have happened. 

(via Deadline